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E- Turquality (Stars of Informatics) program is a program that supports the development of informatics and its sub-sectors in our country. development, encouraging innovation and creating regional and global unicorns that can compete in international markets.

Who can apply to the E- Turquality Program?

Software, embedded software, e-sports, digital games, financial software and technologies, blockchain software and technologies in the established IT and sub-sectors in our country...

What are the Prerequisites for the E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program?

The minimum export amounts required for application to the E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program are as follows
is included. Minimum export amounts are submitted with the "Financial Information Form" among the Basic Information and Documents...

Which companies are covered by the E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program?
Supports Provided?

Strategic Business Plan Support
Companies included in the program are required to have a strategic business plan prepared and to submit this plan annually. must be updated....

e-Turquality Consultancy Roadmap

As a consulting firm, while providing e-Turquality consultancy to software and technology companies
The steps to be followed require detailed planning and a strategic approach. In this process
a comprehensive roadmap to follow...

Who is Supported by E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics)
Can Benefit?

Companies whose applications have been approved and are in the following sectors Can benefit from E-Turquality supports.

  • Software

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data...

What are the Audit Subjects within the Scope of E- Turquality?

Within the scope of E- Turquality, some functions of the company are audited. AuditThe company functions to be provided are listed below;

  • The vision of the company

  • Products or services...

How Should I Go About Obtaining e-Turquality?

Reviewing the Application Requirements: First, review the current application requirements of the e-Turquality program and
criteria should be examined.
Eligibility Analysis: A preliminary assessment to analyze whether the company is eligible for this program
it must be done...

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