User Experience

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM should be viewed as a company philosophy and CRM softwares should be viewed as tools used for putting this philosophy into use.

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Grove up your sales
Get to know your customers


CRM is the philosophy of customer-focused work.
This transformation is very important. It should be managed well and be supported by the executive board. CRM should be defined in separate branches of philosophy and software.

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Strategic CRM
Increase marketing activity!

CRM for Rent

It doesn't have a first time investment cost: Licence fee is divided according to the operating time of the product. Therefore, you don't pay all of the fee at once and cash flow isn't affected.
There is no hardware cost: Since it can work with hosting, companies need to have a server. You don't need to do first time hardware investment, keep the hardware on operating mode or manage it.
You pay as you use...

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